Thursday, January 27, 2011

Remember when?

Way back 21 weeks ago
I had a very special guest blogger.  
Did you see it? 
Well, I have asked her a few more questions,
and since she is now  
9 weeks away from the
big due date,
I felt it was the perfect time! 

1. How far along are you?
31 weeks on Sunday

2.  What are y'all having?
A little boy      --------------------->>>

3. Does he/she have a name?
Yes, but we are not telling anyone.  *** On a sidenote, SHE IS NOT KIDDING. We have ideas of the possibilities of the names, but we won't know his name until he is here. The suspense is killing us all. :) not really of course, we will love him no matter what.

4. Is this pregnancy different from the first? How?
Yes, everything is different. Different eating habits, extremely tired, and much bigger. (at least I think I am)

5. What does Ryleigh have to say about being a big sister?
Ryleigh is really excited about her "baby brother," she wants him out of my belly.

6. Are you ready for him to be here?
Yes we are ready for him to be here! Only 9 more weeks!!

*********also, the first ultrasound was Ryleigh's. The second one is baby brother's! I just can't wait until he is here. It is such a blessing, and we are all more than thankful. God is good.


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