Friday, January 28, 2011

Ein Blog über Deutschland

Last week Kyle went to Germany (for work). I had one request, PLEASE take a picture of the food(not kidding, this is all I wanted). I have this vision of what I think German food looks like. I will take you to that vision. Have you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the first best one), okay, remember Augustus Gloop? the fluffy little boy from Germany? You know he was sitting at the restaurant with his family, STUFFING his face with GIANT sausages, smothered in some sort of JUICE that barely made it into his mouth...and if it did, it didn't stay long because it was slowly coming out of his mouth, where he then proceeds to eat the reporters microphone? Do you remember? That is vision of German food. YUM with a huge sprinkle of sarcasm. okay so Kyle went and besides some other REALLY GREAT souvenirs he brought back pictures of the food. He said it was delish. However, from the looks of it, I would have lost some major weight from NOT eating. I also have no idea what any of this, most of it looks like sausage covered in whatever they had in the kitchen at the time. Oh, and french fries with mayonnaise, which some people do over here. I DO NOT. Hope you enjoy.

 I think this is the night they had GREEK food.
 This is their take on a hamburger.
 The curry style sausage

It really doesn't look all that different from our food. They sure do eat a lot of sausages though. I'll just stick to eating them for breakfast in between a nice, fresh from the oven, biscuit. no mustard, no extra juice, and no french fries with mayonnaise. 
Did you see my update on my Aunt? It is a pretty awesome way to start a weekend, but I haven't stopped praying for those whose weekends aren't as bright. Happy Friday!!


  1. Yeah I def would have lost some weight too. I am not a fan of sausage but I would have tried it :)

  2. Just found your blog! So adorable!
    Mmmm German food! Most of it is too rich for me though! The first pic looks like Doner Kebab, which is delicious! And as for mayo with fries, I had to kick that habit after I lived in Africa. Seriously, it was so good and I had never really liked mayo before! I haven't really touched it since. phew.

  3. i've been to germany and this all looks too familiar!! very fun blog! very stylish & artsy! if you have a second, take a visit on my blog & become a follower... well only if you want to ;)

  4. Yup they eat tons of sausage. Not for breakfast though...well, some do... :) Just thinking about it though this post makes me hungry. Fun post btw. ;)


  5. OMG! I ea pretty much anything... but that I probably wouldnt touch! I would for sure lose weight... maybe I should plan a trip ;-)

    Just came across your lovely blog!


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