Saturday, January 8, 2011


see, down here in Alabama...
we don't see much of this stuff.
it is actually, quite a rarity down here. 
or a lot of it at one time anyways.
so, when the weatherman says snow, everyone FREAKS out.
seriously, you can't find bread or milk in any GROCERY STORE. any, AT ALL. and really, most people probably don't even use that much bread or milk.
one time, in March 1993, we had a really bad blizzard. That is about the extent of our history with snow. which is A OKAY with me.  and they are predicting snow tomorrow and monday.


  1. same where I'm from! everyone flips when it snows! be careful out there Lindsey!

  2. Haha, I'm way up here in OHIO! We get snow like it's our job, I like how it looks, HATE the cold and especially driving in it. When I was in Disney on Christmas they made fake snow at the park and me and my boyfriend were like "NOOOOOOO."

    Lol :) And that's my ridiculously long comment on why I hate snow :P

  3. And, umm.. you know how I moved to Florida?? I'm in Alabama right now at like the WORST TIME EVER. Wtf... I bring the bad kharma as far as weather and natural disaster with me, I swear :(

  4. Haha. Wow, last week we had 26 inches of snow. Hope you stay warm!


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