Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nursing Nonsense :: Week One.

Today was the first day on a first day when we didn't have lecture. I know it sounds crazy, but we do NOT miss a beat. It is a non stop, constantly going kinda thing. So to not have a lecture when we are altogether is CRAZY. However, you will hear no complaints from this gal. Just stating the obvious. Also, I cannot wait to find out where I will be precepting. Hoping for a rotation on PEDIATRICS. That would be fantastic. 
sidenote:: precepting is just clinicals on steroids. Instead of having one patient, we have a whole team. 
We are basically the rn's right hand man
We will have to have 90 hours of precepting and 90 hours of clinicals along with class Monday and Wednesday. Luckily clinicals are just one day a week, and we have all semester. We won't be as lucky with precepting. We have a very short window frame, like 4-5 weeks, and we must have all 90 hours done accordingly! Sounds busy. But we nursing students are almost used to this chaos. Almost, not quite. After a while you learn to deal with the madness. You learn that no one outside of school even remotely understands, and you learn to shut out the outside world. Almost again. There are some things I can't quite give up. Like my blog, and reality tv. One of my favorite shows has started, so my Tuesday night time slot from 9 to 10 is full. Teem Mom 2 has completely interfered with my life. It really started with 16 & Pregnant. It makes for quality entertainment. Or something of the such. Actually, it probably started a long time ago, but right now I will blame it on 16 & pregnant. Sure, it might be sending a wrong message, but the message I get is entertainment and drama. I think that is what they are going for anyways, right? So right now and until it interferes even more, I just can't give it up, and what is even better DVR. and the angels start to sing. Okay, not really... but one of the best things ever. 
So today I am back to the grind. I am a 5th semester Nursing student.

This morning while we were in class,
a classmate got a life changing phone call.
Her house was on fire.
Her husband, son, and daughter
LOST everything.
I can't even imagine.
It breaks my heart. 
PLEASE keep her, and her family in your prayers.


  1. Prayers up for that family!!!!!

    Also, good luck with clinicals and school. I actually know what you mean, yall really are right hand man to the RN after interning at a hospital all summer with case management team i was also getting to observe girls in clinicals being the RNs right hand man SO true!

  2. Good luck with Clinicals!!! I remember NEVER seeing my sister during this time! But it is all for the best! She is an amazing nurse. Def saying prayers for that family! So tragic!


  3. how heartbreaking... I hope everything works out for them!

  4. I can't imagine that either.... my heart goes out to them.....

    I watched my neighbor in Ohio go through nursing school.... it was CRAZY.

  5. thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! it means the world.

  6. Oh my goodness! We had a house fire back in April last year. I'll definitely keep them in my prayers!

    And love the ASL :)
    But if I may...when you want to spell something keep your palm out, all letters are signed facing out. Even O's, it's "palm orientation," but I love it love it love it!!!

  7. Lindsey... that just gave me chills. Please know I am definitely praying for that family.
    I am still haunted by my fire in April... it affects every single day of my life.. but I hope they find the positives in this time of rebuilding and regaining. The Lord will provide!


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