Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Painting happened on day FIVE. I've been wanting to paint since I moved in a year ago and someone usually talked me out of it. I've never painted more than a wall but I figured with a few friends we could knock it out. I'm going gray, but just one room at a time to keep it from getting too overwhelming. I used Gray Screen by Sherman Williams and I love the way it turned out. Since my house is small I'm going to paint every room the same color (to make it look bigger) and I'm excited to see how each room looks.

Day 5 night was the dreaded 10 year reunion. I'll start off by saying I don't even feel like I've been out of high school long enough to be going to one. The time has flown by and it really makes you reflect how far you've come and how much further you get to go. It was surprisingly so much fun to see everyone again. We had it at rooftop bar/restaurant downtown and the weather was great. Everyone has changed so much but we picked up right where we left off.

Orlando was my football player in HS during homecoming week. (I decorated his locker, all the fun things you do during homecoming week) Anna & Alex have been together since junior year, and are still as cute as ever. The bottom picture is some of the girls I cheered with throughout HS, although we were missing a few, and sweet little Austen is a future cheerleader. 

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