Monday, May 11, 2015

And on the third day

Day 3.
Nothing like your 3rd day without social media then Facebook sending an email saying you have 9 new notifications. 9 notifications that I turned off 3 days ago. Thank you Facebook. With a quick swipe to the left, all was deleted and day 3 was fairly uneventful. I will say that although my work day was busy, my mind would often want to focus on social media. In no means do I want to relate this addiction to something like cigarettes or alcohol but my mind would say, just once and then you'll keep going. That would ruin my streak though! I've only come 3 days but that's 3 days longer than I've gone in 10 years. It'll be worth it. I'll never be able to resolve what needs resolving if I keep stepping backwards.

And on day 4 I finally did a little yard work. Seriously though, they shouldn't make the houses so cute when you're looking at buying them. Maybe have the grass a little tall and the garbage cans full and dog hair everywhere, because that'd be my house. I'm so thankful for my little white house, but I didn't take in much consideration for the yard before the big purchase. I need fake pretty grass that never grows or a yard person who is free and comes biweekly. On day 4, I didn't think much of social media although going without it might be making me more mean. This week in general has been more busy than usual so I'll place the blame there too. The whole social media purge really hasn't been terrible so far. If I don't know what's going on, I can't stress over it. 

Out of sight out of mind they say.

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