Thursday, May 28, 2015


I found something I dislike more than cutting grass, and that my friends, would be pulling weeds. I think I loaned the weedEater to my brother, which didn't matter anyways because it was never used. They say you'll only let the weedEater wires hit your ankles once & you won't do it again. I don't want to do it ever, like its a true fear of mine...girl loses her ankles due to a weedEater mishap. It could happen, right? That would end up on the front page of the Birmingham News. I avoid it at all costs. So the other day I just started pulling weeds. I'm pretty sure my skin was on fire because I was itching like a mad woman, the sweat was pouring, and the areas that needed a good weed pulling weren't getting smaller--then a breeze came and hushed up my downer of an attitude. It caught me off guard but it was most welcome in my bout of weed frustration. I let them get that bad and I always find a reason to put it off, like always. I take full blame. Obviously I can compare pulling weeds to this life I live. I put off the important things, dance around the small things & just hope everything either works out or disappears without putting a little elbow grease into it. Although I might be pulling weeds or making these life choices on my own, I'm not really by myself. That breeze was sent to remind me to just soak it in, step back, because it's not as tough as I may make it out to be. Even if it is, God will quickly remind us that He is right there every single step of the way. Whether He is guiding our hearts, minds, or hands,  His love never fails us. I do not like pulling the weeds from my yard or from life, the normalcy is far easier than the unexpected. It's just not as bad as I originally thought. The actual doing the task, yes it was bad...but the end was so worth it. My yard looks worlds better & I'm sure the neighbors appreciate it as well. Now to pull the weeds from this life that keep poking their heads back into my future God and I are so excited about. Stay tuned, life is getting grander by the day. 

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