Monday, May 18, 2015

Real Time Post

The wedding vows say it best, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Would you be able to live with holding that peace for forever, or would you constantly live in the what ifs of what you should've said? That should've, would've, could've gets us every time. As we get older, the days, months and years fly by. Everything goes by so fast that I often live in the what ifs of the past. Do you? It's so easy to get stuck there and rehash those memories, leaving us unable to live in the moment. We can't enjoy the now because there's so much we wish would've done then. Let's be many people have to be diagnosed with cancer, how many people do we have to lose, and how many opportunities do we let slip through our fingers before we finally speak up? I don't think it is ever too late to take action.

Some things should live in our past. God took those out for a reason, and those things are better left unsaid. If they weren't good enough to make it to our present, then those what ifs are better left as Thank you Lord for removing those situations. I know that I was too weak to do that one on my own and I'm so grateful He shut that door for me. Everyday that I still relive those memories though, I question His choices and plans, and let's be honest... His plans are so much better. Distinguishing between the two might be a little tricky, but maybe that's where faith comes in.

How many opportunities have you given up for one reason or another only to be wishing a year down the road you know you should've gone through with it? How many people have you let walk out of your life because you made some lame excuse as to why things were better off unsaid? How many people have you lost over the years and you wish you had one more minute to tell them one more thing? I think it's one too many. Today is what God gave me. He literally gave me one more day. Everyday that I wake up I'm more thankful than the day before, because in this world, not everyone has that. So often, we take it all for granted, myself included. Instead of making the why not turn into what ifs, we should just jump...take the leap of faith that scares us to death and speak up. 

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