Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Its' been a year...

Happy One yearAvesary to the little white house and me...actually it was built in the 50's but we came together one year ago today. So much has happened this past year and I've learned a lot about being a first time home buyer. I've learned that the grass and everything outside will die if not watered regularly. With that being said, I know without a doubt that my niche in life IS NOT gardening. I've learned that keeping the grass under control requires regularly mowing it, something I've grown to tolerate. Bugs don't kill themselves and the garbage will pile up until you, yourself take it outside. Dog hair accumulates like rapid fire and shaving both dogs bald has crossed my mind more than once. The cleaning never stops and some air filter has to be changed every few months. Over the course of a year, my little white house has hosted parties, a few grill nights, one new roommate and her little white cat. It even housed the largest dragonfly I have ever seen that was stuck. THANK THE LORD for my sweet mom who saved that day. The white house walls have been painted, nailed, hit while trying to move furniture and heard many of glorious conversations. This year has been a true roller coaster but we've grown so much. I'm so thankful I took it one day at a time, because I really do love this place I get to call home every single day. Happy one whole year!

Kimbo here is my stepdad, who was brave enough to also be my realtor. Without him and my parents this past year, I probably wouldn't have made it at all. Love them dearly. You can find Kimbo, along with my brother, here or here

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