Friday, August 13, 2010


I am all about not liking odd numbers. Just think about it. They cannot be divided directly in half so they are always off balance. And that is how they make me feel. Nervous, shaky, and off balance. I don't really consider it that big of deal because it does not interfere with my everyday well being. However, if I have the choice I will choose against them. For example, freshman year chemistry class our seats were numbered. I would never sit on an odd number. I would always be sure to move a seat over. Especially on tests days. Nonetheless, some days I don't have a choice. Like in nursing school. The teachers number the exams (to make sure everyone has turned theirs back in). You must understand the sigh of relief I feel when I am handed a beloved even number. Then there are those tests when they hand me a dreaded odd number on my exam. I always look as soon as I receive my test. Bad habit. It has definitely crossed my mind to be like, "hey, I can't use this test! Are you kidding me?" But I refrain, I suck it up, and try to look past it. With all of that being said, you can understand the traumatic experience I am dealing with today. Of all days. Friday the 13th. The oddest number of them all, on the day of a final. Sucking it up as we speak. Laughing off my quirky requests and faults. I've dealt with the odds before. I can do this.

Fast forward one mental meltdown, one final, one hour (bc I am a fast test taker), 100 questions in booklet numbered 62. Atleast I have the evens on my side today.

I can't, however, fast forward to tomorrow morning, when grades will be posted, and I am on my way to the sandy beaches of alabama. How I long to enjoy and look forward to my toes in the sand. But that excitement is so far suppressed in my heart and brain that I hope it comes out before I have to come back home. Deep breath.

Just another day in the life of an
over stressed, over analyzer, no time for fun, nursing student.
Good bye semester 3.
You will not be missed.

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