Monday, August 30, 2010

Lula on the left & Stella on the right

This morning I took both my girls out 2x. Stella did what she was supposed to as always. Lula, on other hand, doesn't like the rain, barely walks in the grass, and is miss priss all together. Hello rain, thanks for coming today. So today, Lula was forced to sit in the wet grass while she stared at me with her glare like "MOM seriously!" So we sat, and sat, and sat!!! Nothing. Well, I had to get to class, so I put them up and I was on my way to school.

This afternoon, I took them both out again. And again in the rain. Stella went right out and did her business. Lula still testing my tolerance was a no go. So 3 tries, one scared neighbor, and one wet dog later, she TEES! Hallelujah!

So my nerves are calm, I am blogging, life is okay. Until I look up and Stella is munching on something, and what is it you ask? Her POOP!! I throw lay the computer down and pounce on top of her, but not before she takes off under the bed. So my tolerance has just dropped a few more points. I get it all cleaned up and decide to run my one errand for the day.

I have already made this one errand to this school I do not attend, or would not last long if I did attend. Thanks to the awesome poor communication skills of the work study who has graced me with her presence today. She so rudely told me to come back because the adviser was at going to lunch then even so more rudely waved Bye before I could get my questions out.

So I was going back, and the girls love car rides. Lu jumped right in. Stella, who is normally right behind her, not so much. So I went to pick her up and she took off into the WET bushes. Did I forget to mention, Stella got her first bath yesterday, so the smell of wet dog is not so appealing. Not at all, so let's add that smell to the fresh poop on her breath. So I dried her up and put her up, she lost her car ride privileges for the day.

And back on the dreaded errand I go.

I get it, my girls are just dogs, and these aren't worries or stressors, just funny things that happen to test my patience. Life is still good, after I take a few deep breaths to calm my nerves. :)

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