Monday, August 30, 2010

one two three FOUR

I think being in school one week is plenty time to update everyone on 4th semester! But hey, do you know what that means? Everybody look to your right... You see it? Yes the countdown is counting away, the numbers are getting smaller as we sit here together. I could sit and watch this forever. But I would probably go crazy, even more crazy than I already am,
because that is for sure possible.

See I have been taking my life day by day, I dream about the future all the time, but quickly remind myself if I want to get there then I must focus on today. Because today, in this very moment, is all we have. Gah, I say that a lot. But it is beyond the truth. I also have been praying constantly. And I feel like when I don't, that mean ole devil sticks his nasty nose in my business. Really?? I don't have time for you, so long! Also, I am trying to work out, but right now that consists of playing tennis. I sweat profusely, my heart is pounding, so I think I can consider it a pretty good workout. Just have to keep it up! I laugh off the negativity, and take a deep breath before I say something I might regret. Right now, my priority is school, and I will figure the rest out may 11th. ***Yes jessica that is your birthday, but also the day after I graduate! I will probably still be crying tears of happiness for your big day! Okay, back to today! See, there I go, but I am back.

So, let's talk about 4th semester.
The one after the easy smeasy 3rd semester,
and the one right before the ever so anticipated,
don't stop until you drop,
5th semester.

We go to class one day a week.
Pros: hello, class once a week!
Cons: more time for me to do anything but school,
because the motivation is at an all time low. My first test is not for a whole month. I mean, seriously, what am I supposed to do? Not to mention, clinicals don't start until October. I know I have it made this semester, it is just a matter on staying on top of my game,
and not looking back.

On more nursing news, this morning we had a meet and greet breakfast with the newbies. You know, those new RN students, who are secretly shaking in their brand new back to school shoes, but really have NO idea what their lives are about to come to. Gear up for the change people, because it will hit you whether you are ready or not. So today we met them, and for once I was not the new fish. I was, I am an upper division nursing student. My advice: make note cards. Seriously, that is the key if you are a note card person. But secretly, I am so thankful that I have finally made it to the other side. I could cry I am so happy, but ill save the tears. Who knows what is heading my way.

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