Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 days of FUN-NESS

I was doing my daily blog stalking reading, and I found a pretty snazzy 30 day challenge. It gives you 30 prompts, for 30 days. Simple as that. Sure, I will still blog about my day to day, fun filled life of being a 4th semester nursing student. This just adds to the fun. And I love fun.

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  1. I've already said it in my other comment... I'm loving the shiz out of this! I love Becca. We have fallen in love via blogging. I've even had a gift sitting here for her as I procrastinate on going to Tuscaloosa's post office (you know how bad it is)... but, when that baby Selah is born I am going to Mizzou to spoil it :) You will LOVE HER!


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