Monday, August 16, 2010

You can't always get what you want...

But if you try real hard, you'll get what you need.

Let's point out the important words to look for.

ALWAYS. Number one, never trust that word. Ever. Atleast that is what our teachers teach us, hoard at us, drill that into our brain. If we see that in an answer to a question, DO NOT choose it, keep on looking. Nothing in nursing can be as certain as to slap an ALWAYS on top of it. You will most certainly get that question WRONG.

WANT. That word is like the back bone to our being. We want want want. We can never have enough, its a constant battle. We are never satisfied, because there is always something, someone that is better than what we have and who we are or what we can whole heartedly give. We are never enough, never give enough, never have enough, never show enough.

TRY. Most people just expect life to happen. For everything that they always wanted to be handed to them. Just like that. No hard work, elbow grease needed. Just here you go. Here is everything you always wanted handed on a silver platter. Hope you enjoy. But maybe, just maybe if you TRIED a little harder, put a little effort into it, you yourself could get what you wanted for yourself. How much of a satisfaction would or could that bring? A LOT, if you ask me. A little effort sure could go a long way. You just have to want it, right? There is that want again. We always want what we can't have. It is that never ending battle. But maybe if we were the one's pursuing that want, and not someone else handing it to us, then the let down wouldn't be so bad. We wouldn't be disappointed in someone who couldn't pull through for us. It would just make us work that much harder for what we wanted, and we would just get it for ourselves. But we surely still aren't satisfied. GEEZ, I feel like I am running in circles here. I probably am. Almost dizzy, not quite though.

NEED. We always seem to want. But what about what we need? You know, those basics. Like air, water, food, shelter, clothing. I think if we focused on our needs we wouldn't be so let down with what we don't have. We could solely concentrate on things we need, and our lives would or could be almost fulfilled. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Wanting something is so much better, gives this high we get on Christmas morning before we tear open our neatly wrapped in matching wrapping paper with ribbons ever so intertwined so beautifully presents. I can see them now... Hm, maybe I should start my list now. What do I want, better yet need? If I looked at it like that, the list would surely be slim because I can't think of too many things that I really need. Maybe a new phone, because this broke down crackberry is messing with my last whit. But hey, it is working. It calls, it texts, it tweets, it facebooks, it freezes everyday x10 but it works against all my well wishes to politely run over it. So I guess I don't need a new phone. But I do want one.

Its a constant push and pull. want vs need. But maybe if we put in just a little effort and try with the things that we already have, that we worked so hard to get, because we wanted them, always wanted them more than we could even put into words, just try. Then maybe we wouldn't want so much. But life just isn't that simple. There is always something better. Or maybe not. I just don't trust ALWAYS. Too much of a promise, and the let down hurts really bad.

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  1. You write so beautiful and I love this post!! Wishing u the best of luck with school !


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