Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

is pretty much my favorite book thus far, and I am only 20 pages in. Yes, just pages. I'm on my 3rd book of the week. So far, this is by far one of favorites. Top 3 for sure. I feel like EG is writing to me, and not some swanky book editor sitting in a high back leather chair, overlooking some big city, on the top floor of course. I feel like its just her and I, girl talk. And I love it, it sucks me right in. I already feel a deep connection between Liz and I, we are at crucial points in our lives, searching for a way out. I'm still at the beginning so I haven't read how she made it out quite yet. And I haven't written that chapter in my life either. I'm still at a moment where the future is hazy, but I have a blank sheet of paper, my favorite pen, and I'm in a writing mood. What I imagine is brighter than ever. Maybe that is the sun in my eyes right now, but I am 100% positive, my future is just as stunning. A little cloudy at times, but I know what hides underneath it all. My out. Maybe I will share those dreams one day, but for now, I am in my day by day thinking/processing, just making little mental notes as I go along.

As for the other books I have read, beneath the drama filled pages of exquisite adjectives before every noun, there underlies great messages.

Heart of the Matter by the amazing Emily Giffin is a story of forgiveness, letting go, and trusting what's in your heart. But most of all, forgiveness. Because if you can't forgive, you can't move forward with your own life. So even if the greatest mistake imaginable is made, you must forgive, and move forward. Afterall, it really is the only choice you have, unless you want to sit and sulk, and constantly ask yourself, why? Hold your head high, gather up all the pieces, make a few changes, dig down really deep, and forgive, let it go.

Now, Sleeping Beauty Proposal, which I just might of chosen because of the title, was pretty awesome as well. It is a brilliant story of taking risks, letting go, and never looking back. Everyone should try it out every now and then. You never know what awesome things might come from those risks, even if everyone thinks you're a little cooky in the process. Revenge is sweet my friend. Just take a risk, and jump!

As for the beach, it is amazing as always. My toes and the sand have practically become BFF's. Ill update with pictures when I get home.

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  1. eat, pray, love is FANTASTIC! i am getting ready to read it again. i do that sometimes. why i'm not sure. and I MUST see the movie, although i hope it doesn't mess up my love of the author. sometimes book movies just shouldn't happen! i will check into the other two soon! have a great beach trip!

  2. I have a feeling that I need to go buy this book. That single paragraph summed up a lot for both of our stories of relationship's pasts huh?

    I have a feeling I will be spending some of my birthday $$ in Barnes & Noble :) Thanks Lindsey! haha

  3. YES MAM! you should for sure go buy it!


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