Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Beach in a Nut SeaShell

I don't even know where to begin. I tried to soak up as much as I can because the days seemed to fly by. The weather wasn't always so beautiful, but I atleast I got to relax in the sand every day that I was down there.
Let's see...
We drove down saturday & we ALWAYS just order in some pizza. And I mean as long as I can remember, the first night is pizza night. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For starters I read 2.5 books. I haven't quite finished my third one yet. But here was an awesome quote from "Sleeping Beauty Proposal" ***its the first full paragraph you can see!

Of course, we ate a TON of seafood!!
We built sand castles. *** Ryleigh was so excited.
And we even hung out by the pool some, too.
Not to mention, we put our toes in the ocean. ****and boy did Will love it.
and took a ton of pictures *** but I had to borrow these from my sister, hopefully I will upload my own very soon!

And then we came home, my least favorite part of the trip. Not because I'm leaving the beach, which is sad, but because I just don't like sitting in the car....waiting to be back home.

So now we are home. Back to the grind of school, work, hanging with my little girl, and no life. FOURTH SEMESTER STARTED TODAY!!

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