Saturday, August 28, 2010

crisis averted

blackboard. no not a nice old fashion green blackboard. It is actually this handy dandy website that is the foundation/backbone to our school, so therefore, my LIFE. Some schools might use something a little different, so just know this is where the teachers post assignments, updates, announcements.... etc. This is also the site that I dread looking at, and ending up not looking at it as much as should. I get my notes, most of the announcements, and some of the updates. I figure, if it is that important they will tell me in class, right???


This week I missed a fairly big announcement, and missed a pretty important orientation. I do take full responsibility, although I think it would be nice if we would have found out in class. But like I said, it was TOTALLY my fault. Nonetheless, I found out a few hours too late, freaked out, emailed the teacher, and cried myself to sleep. Hello, this is my life, and one wrong move, one missed day could cost me this future. It really is that big of deal.

Not too worry though. I can make up the orientation, and all will be just fine.

***and yes, I will check my blackboard everyday from here on out.
don't you worry.

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