Monday, November 15, 2010

THANKFUL for Thanksgiving

so Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITE holidays. so I will try and list most of the things that I am thankful for...but we all know the pages aren't long enough to list EVERYTHING. Becca over lifeintechnicolor is doing a thankful series, so I will just pick up in the middle. 
days 1-15, for november 1st thru right now. 

GOD: because HE is amazing, to say the least
my mom & dad: because they haven't given up on me yet
my brothers & sister: because they are the greatest friends
my niece & TWO nephews: because they put life into a whole new perspective
my family ie cousins, aunts&uncles, grandparents: because they are awesome
my boyfriend: because he makes me laugh
the friends: because they understand me
my pup, Tallulah & pretty much my pup, Stella: because they are the best furry friends a girl could have
nursing school: because second chances are possible
my JOB: because it teaches me about life and the people in it who aren't as fortunate
the Bullet: because its my beloved little ride
caffeine, ie DR PEPPER: because it keeps the headaches away
brownies: because i love them
my cellphone: because it is THE life line.
MUSIC: because it keeps me SANE

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