Tuesday, November 9, 2010

drumroll PLEASE

  Last night I had a dream...
 I dreamed that J&J were having a little boy.
I had been asking to be put on speaker phone, because I had clinicals today.
Well in my dream, they put me on video chat.
Sweet. Even better.
I mean the entire time I've thought the little peanut was a girl
Just a feeling really.
Well today was the BIG day.
Today we found out what we, they, OUR family 
is going to be welcoming into this world here in april. 
My daddy's birthday. Or maybe they will come late March. 
My mom's birthday is in March.
Hmmm, well it doesn't really matter as 
long as they are healthy, happy, and screaming. 
That normally means they have good lungs, but we all knew that already. 
Oh, so back to the BIG reveal. 
J&J and miss Ryleigh are going to have....
a little
I would have been way excited either way. 
I cannot wait until HE arrives. So that I can hold HIM
and give the sweet little handsome FELLOW all my love.
God Is So Good!

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