Monday, November 15, 2010

oh Monday

Terms to know:
Clinicals: those are days when we nursing students go to the hospital, and get to almost be the nurses. We have 1 patient, and do total care for that one. Its pretty exciting. No really, I love clinicals for the most part.
Clinical Paperwork: well there is always a bad to a good. And this is the bad, only because it takes a lot of time. See, nurses do care plans. That's where we give our "nursing diagnoses." No, no medical ones, like stroke, asthma, the flu, etc etc. Ours are more like this: say the doctor diagnosed you with the flu or pneumonia. We would give a diagnosis of "impaired breathing pattern related to pain, as evidenced by crackles on the lungs, and shortness of breath." We then set goals, interventions, blah blah, blah. It is about as much fun as watching paint dry.

Okay, so the only good thing about this monday, is the Christmas music on the radio. Yes, they are playing Christmas music ALL the TIME, and I LOVE IT. I love Christmas. Sure the gifts are fun, but I love the decorations, could sit and stare at the trees and ornaments FOREVER, go googled eyed over all the lights, and can't get enough greenbean casserole and honey baked ham
The cruchies on top are AMAZING.
okay so we all know about last monday. 
The bullet got into a fight with a curb and resulted in a new tire. 

Well what is on this monday's agenda, besides raining non-stop?
One 40+ mile trip to school for a fun filled class of cardiac. One brain fart to remember that I have forgotten my clinical paperwork, back at home 40+ miles in the opposite direction. One HOLY CRAP moment. One U-turn. One 40+ mile trip back to get the forgotten paperwork. One potty and refill on the gas break. And one final trip back to school to drop off this sacred paperwork. Phew. Let's not forget I will have to make this drive one more time today to go home. One more time tomorrow. One more time Wednesday. And one final time Thursday. But I'm not complaining. No, no complaining here. Because Thanksgiving is next week.  
Which means just one more clinical day after that, 
then one test and one final before Christmas break!
Happy Monday.

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