Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday writings

I think taylor swift and I have ESP . I can relate to almost every one of her songs. I know I know, I relate to EVERY sappy love long. Every girl does or has at one point. Or they should have. But even her happy, upbeat songs are excerpts from my life. I do have a few years on her but I can still relate. I feel like her songs were written for me. One in particular of course. Fifteen. I didn't date the football star (until senior year) instead he played baseball. My best friend wasn't a red-headed named Abigail. She had dirty blonde hair and we were like sisters. But the only difference, I don't know her anymore...and at the time I didn't know her as well as I thought. That's okay, and that is another story. A story that's locked up in the past. We forgive and let go. However, the more I listen to the song, the more I feel like it relates to when I was eighteen instead of fifteen. When I was eighteen, I went through some rocky times. I know her song is about being fifteen, and I even said I could relate, but in my head I changed up the words a bit. My life was all glittery and gold too when I was fifteen, just like the song. But at eighteen not so much. I won't go into a story. Ill let the lyrics speak for themselves. When this song first came out, I would sing my version of it to the same tune. It might not fit, but that is okay. So here is my wednesday's words. Here is my writing on a wednesday.

When you're 18
Your best friend says good bye
Because her world fell down
And we sat and wondered why.
Was it ever so hard
That you couldn't speak a truth
You took the easy way out
The easiest way for you.
When you're 18
You choose life over love
Because at the time it was right
And you chose to rise above
In a moment it all changed
Battle lines were crossed
Fists were raised
And loves were lost.
And when you're 18
Wrong gets even worse
A best friend found the love
And two people brewed a curse.
And when you're 18
It all comes crashing down
Someone's hiding the knife
And someone's on the ground.
Times will never be the same
Because it is just an old memory
It is a past of demons
When you're 18.

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