Monday, July 19, 2010

catching up and getting out. was my very last pre-clinical day for this semester. the day where we go and find a patient, do a bunch of not so fun paperwork, meet the patient, chat with the patient, and so very eagerly tell them we will be their "student nurses" in the morning. i know they are pretty pumped about it.
the weekend was slightly more fun. i was a busy little bee helping the boyfriend move. so jealous. one more year, one more year. i think i had a little more fun than he did shopping for his new place, and that is okay, i love some target. and i didn't come out empty handed, i got a pretty awesome minnie mouse key to his place. and its too cute.
maybe your weekend was far more exciting than mine. i worked, saw some family, ate, went to bed early, and moved of course. just another weekend closer to graduation is what i say, right? anything to get me through to the next one.
so that is it, such a boring post, but im tired, have lots of paperwork to do, and just anxious in general. here's to my not so happy monday!

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