Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whacha Think???

I think this title is entirely too long, but I was trying to fit it all in there. I think I need a new title for my blog. A standard title that never changes. The "just a little girl" is so totally me, but it is just a quote from a song I fell in love with a couple of years back. I write each entry almost like a diary entry, or some of them I do. That is where the mis-kept part comes in. I don't do it everyday, I don't have time, it is normally a little scattered and all over the place, but it is always what I feel and straight from my heart. I'm not a writer, never had that want in life. But I love doing it, only because it has always been there to hold my feelings. My journals keep the best secrets, understand everything, and are just there to listen. They add no unneeded opinions, they just soak it all in for me. And that is all I need. So that is why I write. My poems might be below average or needed a comma here or there, but it is what I feel deep down and that is all that matters, right? Any other new title suggestions??


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