Friday, July 23, 2010

"Happiness, feels a lot like sorrow, let it be, can't make it come or go, but you are gone, not for good but for now, gone for now feels a lot like gone for good." - the fray

these days are filled with anything but happiness, honestly, its more of the sorrow showing its evil ways. but in order to achieve such happiness would that mean someone else would have to be unhappy, or is there a common ground? Well could someone please point me into the direction of that road, because I obviously took a wrong turn and got lost. Story of my life. Word to the wise: I am horrible with directions. Top ten, world's worst. Tell me to take my first left, and if I see a road that probably isn't a road but more of a dirt/gravel area that is to the left, I will take it. You said first left, correct? Or maybe you said right, I mean it looks more familiar, I will go with right....dead end, turn around. It was definitely a left. I could have anyone turned around in a flash. My brain just analyzes things a little backwards and upside down. It usually takes a minimum of 3 times for me to find and actually know my way somewhere, and if I'm not driving you cannot count that to one of the 3 times. I probably wasn't paying attention. Okay so I'm lost, looking for the directions, and if anyone has a shortcut to may 2011 I would love it. because this road is getting more bumpy by the day, the storm is not letting up, and the grass has got to be greener on the other side of the huge mountain that awaits me. Surely it will be.

Quick pause for a question
: How do you tell someone that you are unhappy when their entire world is full of sparklers and bright colors and a fairytale world? Is it selfish to even say anything? What if it has your whole world turned upside down? What if it took everything you knew from right beneath your feet, no warnings?

Surely, there is a middle ground. Well I can't find it because I have no way to escape it all. I'm stuck. My battery is too low to call and ask for a way out, and I'm getting tired of relying on everyone around me. Its my life, my responsibilities, my unhappiness, my struggles, my mishaps, my wrong decisions, and my missed turns. Here's to finding our happiness. Wish me luck.

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