Thursday, July 1, 2010

a little rage on the road.

Call me crazy, but some people shouldn't be allowed on the roads.
Mr. 18 wheeler, I can not, cannot merge on highway 65 going 45. If you didn't notice, the other cars aren't going 45, and considering that is where we are supposed to be....speed it up or get it out of my way. I know you are doing your best to look at every girl in the cars below you, but if you stayed in your lane, which should never consist of the fast lane, you would be just fine.
Mr. Dumptruck
, the stuff flying out of your car is hazardous to my vision, my windows, and my little bullet all together. Not to mention, you are littering. That's a fine buddy.
Mr. Policeman hiding behind the median. If we raised the speed limit by 10 miles per hour or so I would be just fine and you probably wouldn't have to hide there all day. And somedays I wish you had something better to do, then sit and wait. I mean, doesn't it get boring?
Mr. Driver of the speed limit in the left hand lane, MOVE out of my way. No really, you clearly see me in your rearview mirror, so move it or lose it!
Mr. Drive under the speed limit
in the left hand lane, MOVE! By the way, that should be illegal!!! The sign clearly says 70, not 65, so move. I've got people to see and places to be. If not, I wouldn't be driving. I hate driving. I remember though, I just couldn't wait to start driving, I begged and begged each time I got in the car to whoever to let me drive. Man, times have changed. It is such an inconvenience. A nuisance. Gah I don't like driving.
Mr. Get on your cell phone and forget you are operating a vehicle. Hello, there are other people on the road who need to be somewhere, not to mention we kinda like being alive. I know, I know, sometimes I use my cell phone, but I am still very aware of surroundings and I will not hog the lanes unless you deserve it ;) .
Oh, Mr. Blocker of the median. See, a long time ago we went to this little place called elementary school. And in that school we learned to read. So clearly when a sign says one thing, we should do the exact opposite. Or I am sure if you pull up any further on someone's tail in that intersection they are going to magically go further. They will however move forward if you get any darn closer, because your front end will be shoved into their rear!! But that sign on the sign on the side of the road that reads "do not block median" does not give you any right to pull up just enough so someone can't turn in or pull out. Thank you for the convenience of pulling up just enough to make me unhappy. Well, as you can kinda see, I'm definitely a warrior of the road, probably why my bullet and I get along so well. He is small, and moves fast and rather swift. I get it that most people find him unattractive and odd but he is my love. My bullet love.

this is on top of my bullet. its in rememberance of my minnie, the vw. :)

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