Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear Diary,

I suppose we wouldn't be where are today if it weren't for our past. our struggles. our deepest and darkest times. our good times. our tribulations. our ah-ha moments. ive been through a lot my last 23 years of life, but i know there is always one more person who has probably been through a lot more than i have.

today, at 23 years old, I still struggle with things from the past. I can't control what happened, why it happened, or how it happened. I wont go into any detail but it was a struggle, and I am still dealing with it today. We all are. I don't know how to comprehend what is going on, or even know if I want to. I want to be happy for what is taking place, and I really am. But it is all a little bittersweet. Because beneath it all, there is a chapter that is finally going to close. And I just don't think I am ready for such a closure. But like always, God will get us through this together. He always does.

Each day, somewhere and someone is facing a struggle. A struggle that might be too hard for us to even understand. But that struggle is something God wants. He needs for us to be stronger, to be wiser, and to know to always trust in Him. My struggles in life are not near what most people face. But that doesn't mean they don't make me stronger and more determined to fight.

"we don't seem to understand
why its happened this way
but everyone's heart is still broken
so we just take it day by day"

sincerely, Me.

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