Saturday, July 24, 2010

my favorite thing about today #1

I was stalking/reading some other blogs when I came across a pretty simple, but fun little series. It is called "my favorite thing about today." Pretty self explanatory, huh? I constantly find myself coming up with everything bad that is going on in my life, and in the world today. So instead, I will take one post for the day and make sure it contains something positive. Mostly, I am a pretty positive person, but everyone has their days that aren't so chipper. I have had my share, along with everyone else but this post wont be for that! I might not update it everyday but I will try, just for you. So here it is.

My favorite thing about today was...
hanging with this little squirt. sure, I have probably posted this picture before, but it pretty much sums up our little relationship. i can't get enough of her, and she always makes me smile. she turns my frown upside down. she is the cheese to my macaroni, and the minnie to my mouse. ha. those are some of our faves. but today she brought me much happiness that i am forever grateful for.

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