Saturday, July 31, 2010

my WEEKEND recap

on a Saturday. I was supposed to work both yesterday and today,
but I was called off both days. I think that means I should be studying more for the
3 huge tests coming up but for now
I am going to introduce the
As much as I would love to take total claim, I am not allowed, but
I will take partial ownership. And as cute as she would look in all pink,
I am not allowed to do that either. So, for now she is sporting orange and blue,
against my well wishes of course.
Although, she looks so darn cute in it.
She is sweet, calm, loving, fun, and already has a
BIG sister.
She was born May 2, and is the sweetest golden retriever around.
Her name is not Stella Mae Ruby, as I would have liked her to be named, but just

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