Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Bad Habit = Day Three

I probably have a few bad habits, but number one is definitely biting my nails. I try to keep them painted as often as I can, but we can't have any color on them come clinical time. That is when it gets ugly. However, I do like to keep them short. I have tried the whole, let them grow out thing, but they just feel so darn heavy, so off they go. So I keep them short and painted, or else they get chomped off. I know, I know, you would think after all of the infection control classes I have sat through, I could have possibly learned better. But a habit is hard to break my friend.

Number two, I twist my hair. This might actually could go as number one, so maybe they are tied for first. I have been twisting my hair since I was little. Actually, I twisted 2 bald spots in my hair when I was younger. Crazy. I don't know why I twist my hair. Habit, Anxiety, Boredom, and sometimes I just like the feeling of it between my fingers. Yeah, I will add another crazy to that list. I even got my sweet little niece started on the bad habit. oopsie. Sorry sister.

The bad habit list could go on and on, well for a little while at least. I scratch my throat which drives most people mad, and grind my teeth, which is uncontrollable by me.

So there you have it. Bad habit city.

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