Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Southern Belle

I guess we southerners hold all the stigmas... go to a 4 year college, join a sorority, graduate in 4 years from that college, get married, have cute little babies, inherit your parent's company, find your white picket fence in front of a lightly painted yellow house with a wrap around porch. In that exact order.

Well, I broke the stigma a while back. Maybe before I even started college. I didn't join a sorority, because I was told no, and realized it was one of the best no's I had ever heard. I still haven't graduated and we all know it has been way past 4 years. I have no company to inherit, or money for that matter. But that's only because I have spent it all in the past 5 years. Now of course, every girl dreams of their wedding day. I would more than likely would be bridezilla. Because I want what I want exactly when I want it. Third child syndrome?? Check. I love babies, and I want atleast 4 but I am sure I will settle with 2. You know, I just can't make that decision yet. And of course, the yellow house with a picket fence is certainly a dream I have stashed away somewhere.

However, I can only pray that God wants each of these things for me and my future. But until then, I can't ever question my choices, and if what I am doing is the best thing for me. I have big dreams, a big heart, and know that those dreams will be fulfilled first. I have a person in my life who has big dreams too, and that is something I can't continue to question either.  Because right now, we are happy, living our lives, and taking it day by day. I can't force something on someone if the importance isnt all that great, it just pushes them farther away. If God wants me to have babies 2 years from now or 10 years from now, that is His choice. I am just living this life in the meantime. I will figure the rest out as I mosey along.

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