Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Favorite season = Day Two

I assume the correct answer here would be Fall.I live dead center in the nation of all football nations, and of course, the weather is not too cold, not too hot, and football game days are always just a Saturday away. But fall just isn't quite my favorite.

Sorry for the let down, but I am a summer loving gal.
Sure, it gets freakishly hot, it is almost always humid,
your car clearly doesn't cool down fast enough,
and the blazing heat that comes out before the a/c
kicks in almost melts your face off
. LITERALLY. But I love it.
You can wear shorts
flip flops are a must,
and the perfect side braid
puts the final touches on any summer outing.
I could live in shorts, if I was allowed.
Too bad scrubs only come in pants or long skirts.
So back to why I love my summers.

It is because I could totally just lounge around here,
Catch a few more rays here,
And soak my life away right here.
Sure, summer used to mean no school, but for now it means paradise. Summer is where my heart is, and will always be.

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