Monday, September 20, 2010

my Dream wedding = Day Twenty.

This one makes me laugh. Because this is nowhere in my near future, but a girl always dreams of her wedding day. So here is a little glimpse.

of course, daisies will be everywhere.
then a pretty sweet cupcake cake.

and last but not least, I am in love with this monique lhuillier wedding dress. ** I saw it in a magazine a while back, and snapped a picture as a souvenir.
I probably have a million ideas in my head, but these are my top 3. 
And I have officially caught back up.  Woo Hoo.

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  1. I love that ML wedding gown for you!! It's classy, simple-glamour, and so you!! Good pick.
    And I LOVE your Gerber daisies of course!! :)
    I think I should do this 30-day challenge. I've been so scatter-brained as a blogger lately!


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