Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The fight.

When times are hitting rock bottom, we can't question.
When we cant catch a break, we must not question.
When its one big attack after another, we will not question.

We can only, we must only, have faith and know that there is a reason behind all the madness, there are perfect unclear answers to why we are instilled with this ability to fight. Fight for our lives, fight harder then we've ever had to fight before.
We will not question. We will only trust in God because He chose us to fight this battle. With Him by our side we can do anything, we will do whatever He allows us to do. We will take His hand, push forward, and never look back. Its all we have in a world that gives us obstacles that we aren't even taught how to fight. We aren't even guaranteed an outcome, but it is still up to us to push through the fire.
We may only let everything we have go, fall to our knees, and leave the battle up to God. He chose us, He trusts in us, He knows that we are ready to fight. We are ready for the journey, and He will never leave our side. We may fall, we may cry, and we may even fail, but God will never let us hit the bottom. He is our rock, our protector.


Sometimes life throws us these 92 mph curve balls, and we aren't quite ready to take the swing. Its our last chance at bat. 2 outs with the bases loaded, 9th inning. Everyone is counting on us. Everyone is relying that whatever we do we will win this game. But we weren't expecting a curve ball. Its slow motion watching the ball leave the pitcher's hand heading towards the plate. We wait patiently, we flutter anxiously, because we don't know whether to swing with all of our might or let this one go. Our fans are cheering louder than they have ever cheered before, but this pitch might be a little too much for us to handle. Without warning, God takes our bat, guides are hands, and lifts our hearts. We don't know yet whether we hit a home run or lost the game, but the fans are still cheering as loud as ever. We will not give up on this fight.

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