Friday, September 3, 2010

A picture from my childhood + 7 fun facts from that childhood = Day Four

yes, I sported this. thank you, Mom.
And here are the 7 fun facts from many years ago!

1. I loved Minnie mouse. I loved her so much that I had my very own Minnie dress that I wore on a regular basis, especially to Disney on Ice.
2. I ordered cheese sticks or chicken fingers EVERYWHERE I went, no seriously, I did.
3. In 3rd grade, I was a member of the girl scouts.
4. I had a hole in my ear drum when I was 5 or 6. It required same day surgery where they patched it up. For the rest of that summer, I had to wear a swimmer's cap every time I went near a pool.
5. I was obsessed with playing house, teacher, or banker, I spent everyday doing one of the 3.
6. I learned to french braid by braiding my doll's hair. Also, lesson learned as child... the dolls hair will not grow back if cut.
7. I got my ears pierced at least 4 times. It hurt so bad each time, and each time I took the earrings out. I didn't get them pierced until I was freshman in high school, when I re-pierced them myself. The holes were pretty much still there.
8. I know it said 7 but I had to add another one for my daddy. I only brushed the front of my hair. Why? Because I COULDN'T SEE THE BACK, DUH!!!!!! Therefore, it didn't need to be brushed. It hurt too darn bad, and my daddy always told me he was going to shave the nest! Luckily, he didn't! Then again, it probably would have looked better than the knotted up raggedy mop I sported my entire childhood.

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