Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's in your bag = Day 6

Here it is. There is hardly any other bag that travels with me as much as my make-up bag does.
1. The bag itself. It changes a lot, but right now, this one is pretty trusty.
2. Just a random headband, who knows when I might need it.
3. A mirror, that rarely is used.
4. My favorite comb, I feel lost without it.
5. Just some nail polish, in a pretty red. Right now though, I am sporting some blue.
6. The bag within a bag. It holds my brushes. And the brush hanging out of it, is my trusty blush brush.
7. A few eye shadows that are pretty regulars. Courtesy of Mac.
8. The powders, and Clinique is a must.
9. The blush center. Who knows if I want pink or extra pink, then the Mac "Barbie Line" adds a little highlight.
10. The eye brow center, which needs some work. Tweezers and eyebrow brush.
11. Bronzer, because winter = no sun for me. all the right places of course.
12. A few little little gloss/chapsticks. I do not use lipstick.
13. My most favorite bobby pins, I always have to know where they are.
14. Just some nail clippers.
15. A random pair of earrings that have lost their home in my bathroom. So they ended up in my makeup bag.

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