Sunday, September 19, 2010


Not tired, although I am exhausted. Not annoyed, although I am impatient. Stuck. Like in a mud puddle. A mud puddle that is extra gooey. Extra sticky. And I am so far down,that the this shovel doesn't even make a dent. Go figure.

Does anyone see one of those booths that has directions? You know, they fold up, fit into your pocket, and fold out to make the biggest map you ever seen? I need one. Not to florida, or california, but one that just says Life, really big on the front. Ooooh, I think I see one. Hey, hey you could you please run over there and grab one for me? Yeah you! Hey, hello??? Is anyone there??

Who am I kidding? No one is listening, even though they are standing right there. Right in front of me with there back turned. So they don't see me stuck down here. They don't even hear my cries. Maybe, if I just push, push a little hard, I can almost feel my toes loosening up.

Luckily I can still see the sun shining. Which I think is a secret message saying keep your head up, and push through. The grass is surely greener on the other. I mean, anything is greener than this mud puddle I've been stuck in.

Ugh I don't even like mud. It completely changes your appearance, everything is ruined, and you're left with a big bunch of dirty old clothes that wont survive another round in the washing machine. The clothes aren't even good enough for someone else to wear. There only old and tarnished and underapprieciated.

Wait? Am I talking about clothes here? Yeah, sure I am.

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