Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What makes me different = Day Fifteen.

The picture doesn't really say much... but I figured since the post was about me, I would give a picture of me.
So what makes me different you ask?

Well for starters, I am a lefty. As much as I don't think this makes me different, my patients (especially the older ones) at work always seem to disagree. They are fast to make a comment when they see me writing.

I am kinda goofy, sometimes slow to pick up anything that has to do with common sense, and really quirky. However, I blame the lack of common sense on the EXCESS of book smarts I have recieved since starting nursing school. HaHa.

For the most part, I am  like everyone else, except all of the things mentioned above, and because not one person is just like the next. How much NO FUN would that be?? And of course there are more differences, but if you read the blog enough then I am sure you can figure some of them out! Happy Wednesday!

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