Saturday, September 4, 2010

Favorite Superhero + Why = Day 5

I am not a huge superhero fan. Sure, I have seen most of the movies. Well, thinking about it, I really think I have only seen Batman and Spiderman. If I had to choose between those two, I would definitely go with Batman. Why? Because I love his suit, his bat mobile, and the movies are pretty good too.

Right now, Ryleigh is loving her some Nick Jr, and they have this one show that I love watching with her. Maybe because it is catchy and cute, and because Ryleigh can sing along to every word. What is it you ask?

The Wonder Pets! And guess what else, they are Superheros!! We have Ming Ming the duck, Tuck the turtle, and Linny the Guinea pig.

"Linny, Tuck, and Ming Ming too, we are the Wonder Pets are so are you."
They are Superheros because they save all of their little animal friends in the forest, and the show is too cute. I love them because it is quirky, catchy, and so much fun!

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