Sunday, May 2, 2010

day one...

i would say im new to the blogging world, but im not. my sister has a blog and i follow many blogs religiously. with that being said, i have decided to start my own blog. i have no idea why because my life is pretty busy these days, but i absolutely love writing so this is just another means for me to do so. first things first, im in nursing school, second semester (a 5 semester program) and besides being stressed beyond belief, i love it! i cannot wait to be a nurse and do what i love to do. i do believe i am on the 5 or 6 year program because i was supposed to graduate this may. however, im not graduating until next may. maybe ill get into that fun story later, but for now ill only talk about the good going on. i am the youngest of four + 2. (the two being a brother and sister-n-law) i have the most beautiful niece and nephew in the world who i am completely in love with... i am their "sissy." i talk to my brother and sister everyday, sometimes 3x a day because they are my best friends.... from left to right... bill, jessica, daniel, and me (LINDSEY)

right now i should be studying for my 2 finals coming up, but im just in a writing mood so i am doing this instead.
im hoping one day i will be brave enough to share some of the things that i have written, but for now im just giving you a mini insight to me. im 23, love all things floral, pink, and polka dots. i do not like odd numbers or repetitive noises. i have to drink at least one dr. pepper a day, i have named all 3 of my cars, and have a great love for minnie mouse and cinderella. one day i hope to travel to california and would love to work at st. jude's, but could never move a car ride away from my family. car washes make me nervous and i am totally against taking out the trash. i have a weakness for reality tv, john mayer, and brownies. i do not like bad drivers or negativity, i am obsessed with cupcakes. i have a small little white dog named tallulah. she is my love. <3

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