Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey Soul Sister...

Song of the month - hey soul sister - train and american honey - lady A
My go-to outfit - comfy shorts, an oversize t-shirt, and my worn in tevas
If you happen to find me out you will find me in- skinnies, a blousy/flowy shirt, flats, and my favorite rings.
On my ipod you will catch me playing-words with friends... My username is lablackburn.
Show to watch - the hills!!! Final season. Sorry I'm one of those suckers for reality tv kinds of people
When I'm not in school you will find me- hanging with the fam or with my favorite boy...which isn't often because school has me hostage for the next year
Books I love to read- Emily Giffin of course... Just waiting on the 5th one. Fun fact (or odd) if its got a romantic little plot, which a lot do, then I will glimpse/skim through the last chapters and if this couple is not still together then I will not read the book. Call me crazy, but I will not waste my time putting my heart and soul into this story line for my heart to be broken. Oh and surprises are not for me. Sorry.
A song that will forever have my heart- element- matthew mayfield... Check him out. Love him
In my car you will find- books by the dozens, my bag for work, cds, sunglasses, and my carseat for my little
My closet is- color coordinated... Just wish I could keep everything else that neat
My next purchase- maybe a swimsuit... Beach next week! Or some scrubs for work
My go to feeling like I could rule the world song - fearless by colbie callait
Something I'm always craving - the sunshine
I can't wait - to graduateeeee!
If I am in school and not studying you will probably catch me- SNOOZING. Can't get enough of that these days
Someone I miss - MY ROOMIES FROM TTOWN!!! I don't get to see them enough but love them dearly.

lauren, whitney, me.

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