Sunday, May 23, 2010

the YELLOW house

FIRST AND FOREMOST, the green house is no longer green, its YELLOW. SAD DAY. okay.
This post is kind-of a PS to the last one, or really just that last paragraph. I was/still am a huge lover of pictures and my walls were literally covered in them at school. So I often find myself looking at them and reminiscing all of the fun we had. Sometimes I have to look at the pictures to remember what we did. Then sometimes I look at them just to remember all that was back then. I chose this picture because #1 it has included some of my favorites and #2 if you look in the background you can see my pictures on my walls. 3 out of the 4 of them looked just like that, and i loved just sitting and looking at my pictures. So back to why I am writing this post. One day after I moved home, I was feeling kind of down and got out my box of pictures. I wrote this poem in the process and decided to share it today. It doesn't have a title but here it is.

Looking back at the old
Trying to take it all in
But its getting harder to breathe
Because the times I don't want to end

The pictures say it all
And it takes my breath away
Where have the years gone too
Slowly Im fading, day by day

My heart belongs back there
Im empty without it here
Everything inside is crashing down
Im losing it all, sadly I fear

Searching for what's inside
Knowing it is nowhere in sight
I just want to get back to that place
Where everything felt right

I don't know who I am
Because Ive lost everything I ever had
The pictures are the only memories
From the times I long for in my past.

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