Monday, May 3, 2010

sticks and stones

may break my bones and the words always seem to hurt me. It is a part of my personality that I sincerely wish were different. I let what people say and do get to me, and it is very hard for me to let go. Maybe it is a self confidence issue or just a 'me' issue... but definitely an issue I've always had. Sure, everyone gossips now and then and everyone talks, but knowing someone talks about me without knowing me is just hurtful. I guess that is a part of life and something I will always struggle with. Yes, I have a lot of negative qualities... Don't we all? And if you know me, you know those qualities, I wear my heart on my sleeve and my scattered emotions are pretty evident, and the list goes on and on...But those who know me, love me no matter what and beyond all of the negativity. So for that I am thankful.
btw >> my brain is always scattered, always thinking, and normally over-analyzing... but i have decided to share a poem i wrote a while ago... just a little one that kinda fits the mood i am in today. so here goes nothing... its called Yesterday
Let the past be the past
Its the only place it belongs
It was left there for a reason
It should no longer tag along
Let the present be today
For it is the only day that counts
Tomorrow is a new battle
So dont let it bring you down
We live for the future
But have yet to live today
Tomorrow will bring its own troubles
And soon it will be another yesterday.

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