Sunday, May 23, 2010

I got friends in low places

Is one of my all time favorite songs to sing at karaoke. Just another song to remind me of everything that has been, everything that was college. I'm still in college but nothing is like it used to be. Some people are here, some are there, and the others are married with babies...or just married. I wasn't a huge fan of high school, although I had/have a very small group of friends that I still keep in touch with, the other majority of high school was just a nightmare. Maybe ill share that story one day. Or maybe not. I was pretty naïve, still am somedays, but college
really broke that a good way of course. Okay back to college. I absolutely loved living in Tuscaloosa, being a full time college student, and having the world at my fingertips. And the friendships I made are worth far more than other experience I went through before college.
Freshman year: ill always remember this year as the year that I met my roomies, my best friends, and my soul mates. I lost some loves, but gained far more that I will always be grateful for. I didn't have a care in the world, and that saying "college is where you find your true friends" really is the truth. I can pinpoint each time/place I met one of my great friends. I learned a lot freshman year, but mainly the people who you thought you knew you're entire life aren't really who they say they are... And that is okay, we are all in a better place now because of it I suppose. Trust didn't come as easily that year, but that too is something I've grown to learn how to do. I made some pretty strong decisions that year that I whole heartedly believe changed who I was and who I thought I was going to be. Freshman year was an incredible beginning for me. As much as I would love to go back and say what was really on my heart, I wouldn't change the experiences for anything. I'm here today because of them. this picture pretty much sums up mine and laurens relationship. it wasn't halloween.
Sophomore and Beyond:During that freshman year I met 2 pretty awesome girls. My roomies for life is what I like to call them, and the next 2.5 years were by far some of the absolute greatest times of my life. We all know football is huge at UA and living within walking distance of that stadium made football season that much sweeter. Just a few blocks down from that beloved stadium stood the cutest little green house. The kind you would find over looking the ocean, ours overlooked the stadium. For us that was okay too. It was lime green, full of spunk, and the doors were always open. No invitations were needed, and gatherings were held there on a pretty regular basis.Although we 3 girls went to high school together, they were best buds and still are, we didn't really start hanging out until college. All 3 of us are pretty different but meshed really well. Whitney's eye for fashion (any and all sorts) is very eccentric but I absolutely love her for it, and love it. She was the cleanest of us 3 and had her beloved vinnie that was bff with my minnie (those were our vw bugs). Now miss Lauren was our tiedyed wearing, hippy loving, arsty roommate that had a closet any girl would kill for. I think we all had a bit of an artsy side to us that brought us all that much closer. We understood eachother, what we were doing, and were normally right beside one another when we were doing it. Lauren always said I was the weird one (in the nicest way possible)... I do have some pretty strange quirks... I am kinda goofy, sometimes artsy, a little out-there, but always had the perfect song for when we needed it. :) I think that pretty well sums up my roomies. Each one of them one would drop whatever they were doing to be wherever I needed them to be, and each one means the world to me. Some of my favorite memories have always been us laying in one of our beds the morning after one of our long nights out divulging in the mishaps, loud laughs, and spilt drinks from the night before. Those stories I will forever remember, no matter how awful the night might have been. We more than likely got a major laugh out of it. Those 2 years had many other great memories. A lot of people came through that front door, a lot of tears were shed under that roof, and relationships were born around that kitchen table. Lauren and Whitney taught me so much about life, love, and happiness those 2 years...and that's a major understatement. Ha. and in true Whitney fashion. AND yes we had blown up pictures of our faces hanging up behind our couch.
Beyond:We moved out of the green house on a warm sunny day, and it hadn't hit me that our time as college students, living our dreams, were slowly coming to an end. I moved to a one bedroom apt, started nursing school that fall, then moved back home that christmas. In one short year, my world was turned around backwards and upside down and I often just sat and wondered what happened to it all? It went by faster than I could ever imagine.
I met several other people that I still keep in contact with on a regular basis but for now I just wanted to talk about my roomies and how awesome they are and the 3 years before the drama of nursing school started. I love talking about college and how it made me who I am today. Ill always hold the memories so very tightly.

this picture was from 4th of july a few years back. love it. and had to put it up since im leaving for the beach thursday.

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