Saturday, May 15, 2010

MASTER reset

This morning I noticed my phone had cut itself off, and it would NOT turn back on. I took out the battery, messed with the sim card, but nothing worked. So after my 25 minute conversation with at&t, (my phone had decided to turn back on at this point) they suggested I set my phone back to the factory settings. At first, I was a little hesitant. I keep a lot of my writings on my phone and hadn't had a chance to save them yet. Not to mention a years worth of pictures and saved messages and videos. (I keep my writings in a book) My phone has been freezing up on me a lot lately so I knew it would be best to just go ahead and do the reset. So that's what we did, the master reset. Sometimes I wish life had that button. We could just push it when we find ourselves into something we shouldn't be, or if we just couldn't find our way out. But maybe we are given that button, and maybe its the snooze button (for most of us anyway). Doesn't that button start are day off every morning? Well each day is a brand new beginning with a clean slate and a fresh start. It is our very own master reset. So just like with my phone, ill take this day and make it my very fresh start. I needed some new writings anyway. :)

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