Monday, May 31, 2010


I was informed my blogs were getting a little too sad, sappy, and needed to be happy. Well what is happy. Is happy not crying or is happy laughing with a big smile on your face. I cry a lot when I am happy, more when I am sad, but nonetheless. What makes you happy? Sometimes we get so caught up in everything around us, we forget to step back and remember that we have to be happy too. You really will have a hard time pleasing anyone until you are truly happy with yourself. Think about it. You please, and please, and you comfort and you give. Well are you happy with that, is that what really, deep down, whole heartedly makes you happy. I hope so. I would hate to go through all of that and not be happy about it. So what makes you happy.
Music makes me happy. When I am down, I can turn on a good john mayer tune and calm all of my nerves. I can put an old classic on repeat, sing my heart out, and remember that I am happy, or have all the reasons in the world to be.
My niece makes me happy. Her laugh could light up the room. Hearing 'I love you Sissy' quite possibly makes me the happiest person in the world. Just a quick little kiss reminds me that I should never be not happy.
Passing my classes makes me happy. The nervousness mixed with excitement knowing that graduation is slowly approaching makes me beyond happy that I will finally have accomplished my goals. I will finally be a nurse
The beach makes me happy. Not because I am less than 30 minutes away from all the white gloriness we call sand, but something about the breeze, and the sound of the ocean rushing to its breaking point. That makes me happy. All you can eat shirmp cooked anyway you want, daiquiris that are ever overflowing, and the constant breeze reminds me that there is no happier place in the world tied for 2nd with disney world of course.
Disney World makes me happy. Nothing like putting on my minnie mouse ears with my mom and parading around magic kingdom like I just celebrated my 5th birthday. I meet Cinderella and I feel as if my whole world is complete. And she is nothing compared to Minnie Mouse.
I could go on and on with a list of things that make me happy. These aren't my top 5 or any in order, just a few. My family, friends, and favorite boy are way up there too. No I am not always happy. I do need a good cry every now and then. But I always try to start the day off wit a smile.
You never know who might need it. :)

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