Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nothings sweeter than SUMMERTIME...

And American honey. Well I do not really care for honey, but I love summertime. Honey is a little too thick and a lot too sticky. Summer, on the other hand, is sweet and breezy. My love for summer started long before I was born, I do believe. See, every year, the 3rd week in August, my family goes to Gulf Shores. I have been going since I was in my mama's belly and have loved it ever since. Naps on the beach are like no other, and the perfect ham sandwich always hits the spot. I am normally a turkey sandwich person, but a ham sandwich is hard to pass up on the beach...and a big blue gatorade of course!! Up until a few years ago, we stayed at Emerald Shores in the same beach side/3 bedroom condo. It was like a second home to me, so I was sad when it was sold to the high rises that are slowly taking over our beautiful beach. Pier 33 was our within walking distance grocery store, and being tall enough to finally drive my own go-kart is one of my fondest memories. The fair closed down years ago, and instead of walking to Peir 33, we walk to Sea N Suds atleast twice during our week long stay. These memories will never grow old, only better as new ones are made each year. The thought of summertime makes me giddy inside and actually feeling the sand between my toes is like nothing else. Summer is my safe haven, my christmas morning, and my absolute favorite time of the year. One day I hope to own a house or condo on the beach so I can experience summertime whenever I want to. Thank you summer for finally making your appearance. love you.

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