Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The little things

Q: why did the 6 run away from the 7?

Well if you happen to watch Playhouse Disney, then I am almost positive you know this fun little joke. I don't remember what episode we were on or how many my niece and I had watched, but I seemed to be enjoying them just as much as her. Or maybe I was enjoying the enthusiasm and excitement in her face when they played the hot dog song at the end of every episode. The little things are what seem to make me smile the biggest, and are too often the things that go unnoticed.

If you happen to know me, even for a day, then you know how much my heart still contains that inner child thing. I still get excited when I hear the ice cream truck, see a Disney World commercial, and even the thought of actually meeting Minnie Mouse makes my heart flutter with giddiness. I try to not let the little things go unnoticed but I too am often guilty of missing out on the pleasure of the little things

As our worlds turn faster each and everyday, we seem to forget the things that actually once made us happy. See, my mom is a pre-school special education teacher and has several children who will never experience the simplest of pleasures in this lifetime. One in particular just pulls at my heart strings each time I get to see her. On this particular day, this little 5 year old friend was laying on her belly. (She suffered a TBI >traumatic brain injury< as an infant). So there she was laying on her belly and she began raising her head then trying to roll over. A simple task for most, but to her, another stepping stone and another defying the odds moment. Although we may take great pleasure in our child, niece, or nephew rolling over... We quickly forget the joy its brought to us because a greater something has taken its place. For her there may not be a greater task but to her and to all of us watching that day it was the greatest. In life we seem to forget the simple things. We seem to forget the joys that they can bring to our never ending, hectic, always going lives.

The joy I receive when I see my niece or nephew accomplish something new is something I will never forget, even it is just a simple smile. Because for that moment, it made me the happiest person in the world to see it.

Ohhh the answer.... But a quick reminder of the question:
Why did the 6 run away from the 7?
A. Because the 7 8 9. :)


  1. I enjoyed this post. I didn't know that your mom was pre-school special ed. That's what I am studying and hopefully going to do when I jump into the big girl world.

    I often blog about the little things in life. They are truly the much bigger things, once you learn to appreciate them for what they do in one's life. It is moving to see a child with any disability, especially TBI, complete such a task and prove that ability definitely defines someone more than any disability can. Look forward to hearing more about the precious children in your mom's classroom.


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