Sunday, May 23, 2010

Highway 20 Ride

"So when you drive And the years go flying by I hope you smile If i ever cross your mind It was a pleasure of my life And i cherished every time And my whole world It begins and ends with you On that Highway 20 ride...." - Zac Brown Band.

Maybe this is a forbidden topic, but it is something that I don't mind talking about because it is a part of my life. Its not a bad thing, its just what happened. If you know and love this song like I do, then you know that it is talking about divorce. I remember the day like it was yesterday. My parents had my brother and sister and me sit on the couch for a family talk, and we didn't have those often. I was in the 2nd grade and I didn't fully understand what was going on, but I knew that it was a change, a big change. At the time though, I knew I had to be upset because my brother and sister were. But at the time I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. First things first, I see BOTH of my parents whenever and wherever I want. ALWAYS HAVE. I talk to my mom and dad both on a regular basis and have a wonderful relationship with both. I know that choices had to be made, and although I may never understand I will always support. I will always LOVE. I have/had a wonderful loving upbringing with two very supportive and caring parents. This song just takes me back to when I didn't know what was quite going on, but knew that everything was different. I suppose the stories we always hear about when we hear the word divorce aren't too positive. One of the parents is out of the picture and the children have a tough life ahead them. Mine wasn't like that and still isn't. But all too often I forget to remember how much my parents do for me. Have always done for me. I forget to say thank you. So thank you. I don't know why I wanted to write this post. I suppose it was because I heard this song earlier and I thought about my daddy. (in a good way, it brings back memories from when i was younger, and some of the things we went through after the divorce) All too often I forget to remember how much he does for me, and forget to remember that he rarely says no. I dont want to write about him with such a downer of a post but a few weeks ago, back when I had the 3 Happy Birthday/Mother's Day posts, he texted me and said he couldn't wait for his father's day post. So that is what I did. He didn't think I could come up with a top 10 list of things. Even though I know I could, I wrote something else instead. I would love to wait until father's day but because I already wrote it, I would like to share it in this post. I will forever be thankful for everything that my parents have done and sacrificed for me. I will always remember. So here it is and sorry I am not waiting until fathers day. I don't like surprises or waiting for something. Id rather share it when its ready. And sorry for the 2 poems back to back but its for my dad.

Once upon a time
I found your hand and held on tight
You looked at me so softly
It was a love at first sight

A little pink blanket
Snuggled up to you
Tickled me with your kisses
And said you loved me too

Sing your little lullaby
And put me right to bed
Hold me in the mornings
And always be my friend

Chase me around the playground
And push me on the swings
Put me on your shoulders
So I could see everything

Traveling to the softball park
Where you stood anxiously in the stands
You were my number one supporter
And always my biggest fan

I wasn't your favorite driver
But you never missed your turn
To let me take a spin
In your Ford Thunderbird

You watched me walk across the stage
And into my first place
But were always at a phone calls reach
And never too far away

From you Ive learned to do what's right
And to always do your best
I have learned you are the strongest man
And you have shown me nothing less

One day you will walk me down another path
But you will always be right beside me
Ill always be your scooter
And Ill forever be your baby.


  1. thank you a million. i love writing them. so thank you for reading them! :))))


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