Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday

to my sister, my best friend, and someone who means the absolute world to me. most days we are pretty opposite. I wear skinnies and short dresses, she is a little more simple and chic. I'm tall and she is not so tall, but I have always looked up to her. Maybe I have never told her, but my world would be incomplete without her. We weren't always as close, in fact, we have had some pretty bitter fights. I suppose that's just life with a big sister. As I have gotten older, I have realized just how important my sister is to me. I don't just love her this much because she has my favorite niece, I love her this much because even if she doesn't quite understand me or the decisions that I have made, she supports those decisions, reassures me that everything will be okay, and loves me through it all. So happy birthday to my sister and my best friend, I hope one day I am half the mom and person you have become. 143.

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  1. Sweet. :) There's no mistaking you are sisters. Definite resemblance.


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