Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FAIR (choices)

1.Fair- free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fair judge. 2. A carnival with endless rides, cotton candy, and nonstop fun. Although the majority of my life seems like a non stop carnival ride, I wouldn't always assume it was fair. In our eyes, life isn't always fair. Our phone dies when we are expecting an important phone call, we run out of gas with 2$ in our bank account, and we are sitting out of a graduation that we were supposed to be a part of. Now that's what I call unfair. Or maybe its just life. Here's a quote for thought-" life is all about the choices...when you cut out all of the junk all you have left is a choose how you react to choose how people affect your mood...bottom's your choice how you live your life...attitude, after all, is everything." Its not a quote I have written but definitely something I like to live by. Life is all about the choice, and the choices we make are what decide our future, decide our destinations. So with that, life is only as fair as we make it. Although we may not know our outcome, the majority of our choices that put us in those places come from our decisions. So how are we to decide if it is fair or not? Yes my phone has died when I really didn't need it to. I have even ran out of gas the same day I got my first ever speeding ticket with hardly any money in my bank account, and I am supposed to be graduating tomorrow! However, the choices I made... Like not charging my phone when I was supposed to, going to fast, or not paying attention to my gas light put me in those situations... We all know I studied my butt off to pass that class but maybe that choice wasn't up to me. I chose to not take summer classes freshman and sophomore year of college in fear of missing out on a social life, and at one point or another I have chosen facebook over studying. Life isn't always going to be fair. Its only going to be what you make it, and you're only going to make it if you know and make the choices that are best and right for you. Obviously we won't know the outcomes, ill leave that to God. I do know the choice, and I do know that in my heart I should be sitting front and center at graduation but for now it will just be front and center of the audience cheering my little heart out for all of those walking. This has been something that been glooming over my head lately. I suppose because graduation is tomorrow, but it is also something I have come to terms with, or attempting to. I can't question why these outcomes have occurred, only acknowledge them for what they are and know life isn't always going to be fair. So I trust in God and know that my choice today is to be proud of my accomplishments and to be so happy for all of my buddies graduating tomorrow. Happy graduation!

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